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Tabra Bracelets
Not only are Tabra Bracelets unique and beautiful, they are extremely versatile.

A Tabra bracelet does not hook together using a clasp as a typical bracelet does. A Tabra bracelet hooks together with, what Tabra calls, a connector charm. These connector charms come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Tabra painstakingly selects the best quality stones for her connector charms from all over the globe. Each stone has its own unique color and shape, making the connector charm a beautiful one of a kind piece.

Here's something else that makes owning a Tabra bracelet special. Tabra gives a percentage of all her jewelry sales to Nari Uddug Kendra, a women’s organization in Bangladesh and the Isabel Allende Foundation. Tabra works with the women there to promote human rights for women and the education of young Bangladeshi women.
Tabra bracelet next to a Trollbeads bracelet